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Oasis ethos

The ethos of Oasis is an expression of our character and permeates everything we do.  Inspired by the life, message and example of Jesus Christ, we are committed to fostering:
  • a passion to include everyone

  • a desire to treat everyone equally, respecting differences

  • a commitment to healthy, open relationships

  • a deep sense of hope that things can change and be transformed

  • a sense of perseverance to keep going for the long haul

Due to our strong emphasis on inclusion, we warmly welcome the framework set out in the Equalities Act 2010 and are passionate about welcoming children regardless of their background, faith or race.

Education Charter
The Education Charter explains how our ethos impacts our work across all Oasis academies and is presented as a statement of identity. Students at Oasis Academies encapsulated these values in this charter through the following statements:

We are community – we are relationships

We are learning – we are achievement

We are unique – we are inclusive

We are enjoyment – we are perseverance

We are hope – we are future

We are Oasis.

Please click here to download the full education charter.

The governance of each Oasis Academy is managed both locally through the Academy Council, and nationally though the board of Oasis Community Learning (OCL).

The Academy Council consists of a mix of local people such as parents, transitional councillors, academy staff and a representative of the Local Authority.  It is the role of the council

  • To act as “a critical friend” to the Principal and the Academy at local level.

  • To act as “a sounding board” for the Principal and their leadership team, and represent the views of different parts of the school community to influence decision making.

  • To continually review the overall impact of the Academy amongst the people it exists to serve, and make suggestions for improvement; and ensure that the Oasis ethos remains at the heart of the Academy community.  

The OCL board is responsible for overseeing educational standards across the Academy and ensuring that students achieve the results they rightly deserve. The OCL board is also responsible for the academy’s strategic development and, together with the Academies’ Executive, the effective delivery of HR, IT and Finance services.

To download the full governance model, please Click here.