Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision and Values

We pride ourselves on achieving excellence through rigour, resilience, and passion. When students join us they are joining our family, they will be cared for, and they will be known. Equipping our students with the knowledge and skills to achieve great results is of the utmost importance to us, but it is only part of a student’s journey here at Oasis Academy Coulsdon.

We want to ensure that every student leaves us as kind, considerate, and compassionate members of their community, are articulate and confident, understand the intricacies of things beyond the standard curriculum such as democracy and mortgages, and most importantly, have belief and confidence in themselves that they can achieve anything they put their minds to if they work hard enough.

The ethos of Oasis Academy Coulsdon is rooted in Christian-based values, which permeate through every aspect of academy life.  These include valuing everyone and protecting individual rights to freedom and choice, working actively against discrimination and social exclusion, and respecting the beliefs and practices of all others.  The academy provides a welcoming environment for students of all faiths and no faith, and serves the whole community. 


Oasis Academy Coulsdon is a family dedicated to every student and the community. Students will achieve excellence and a love of  learning through rigourresilience and passion

The school has high expectations of pupils.

(Ofsted Report, March 2024)