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Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium

Good literacy and numeracy skills are essential to enable students to fully access all the curriculum, reach their full potential and be successful in life.  Extending, developing and improving students' literacy and numeracy skills are key focus areas for the Academy.

What are we doing about Literacy at Coulsdon?

There is no doubt that excellent standards of Literacy enable all students to perform highly across their subjects.

This is why, here at the Academy, we place so much importance on students developing their ability to speak, read, and write to a high level.

Improving literacy is a process that takes time and dedication, so with these things in mind, we undertake the following:

Mentor time

Year seven and eight collectively read a class novel which challenges their understanding of vocabulary, as well as ensuring they are engaging with reading on a regular basis.

Years nine and above undertake a weekly vocabulary exercise, known as ‘Literacy Ninjas’, which requires students to learn, spell and define key GCSE terminology.

Class time

In every lesson there is an expectation that students read all resources (including the board) prior to the teacher reading the text.

In addition, teachers will deliberately use challenging vocabulary both in verbal and written forms to further extend the vocabulary of the students. Teachers also insist that all students write in full sentences and speak in a formal manner.

Lunchtimes and after school

The Academy Library is open every lunch time and after school to ensure students are able to access a variety of different fiction texts and have a space to complete homework.  Our online library system means that we are able to record and monitor students’ use of the library to ensure they are reading regularly and reading texts which challenge their understanding.


Because we believe that supporting students with lower reading ages is crucial to their academic success, there are a number of different interventions in place which seek to eradicate literacy issues. These include schemes such as:

  • Lexia
  • Ruth Miskin
  • Paired Reading
  • Literacy Intervention Course

What support can you give at home?

Reading regularly with your child, whether that be a novel or simply a magazine which you can both enjoy is important. Whilst reading it is an excellent idea to ask questions about the meaning of certain words, what’s happening in the plot or simply what they believe will happen next.


To help with text choices please see our recommendations here:

KS3 Reading List

KS4 Reading List


If you have any further questions regarding literacy and how you can improve the help you provide at home, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Hodges.

What are we doing about Numeracy?

Numeracy across the curriculum has three priorities:

  • to improve accuracy, particularly in calculation, measurement andgraphical work;
  • to improve interpretation and presentation of graphs, charts and diagrams;
  • to improve reasoning and problem solving

We use a variety of resources to help students achieve a high level of numeracy including  My Maths, Maths Watch and Manga High

Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Report

For information on our catch-up premium, please click on the above button.

In this report you will find information on:

  • How much premium our Academy received this year
  • How we intend to spend the funding
  • What we spent our funding on last year
  • What difference this made to our students
  • How we assessed the effect this had.