Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Behaviour and Rewards

We recognise all students value rewards, whatever their age or ability and so at Oasis Academy Coulsdon we make rewarding students one of our top priorities. Rewards can be given to students for achievement and demonstrating any of our 9 Habits- Compassion, Patience, Joy, Humility, Honesty, Hopefulness, Consideration, Forgiveness, and Self-Control. Departments also have a number of bespoke rewards e.g. postcards/letter home/small responsibilities. Family Leaders also organise regular reward events for students based on attendance, attitude to learning and progress.

We also understand that low level regular praise is important – kind words and encouragement do much to build good relationships which research has shown to be a common theme in outstanding lessons.

Students respond well to positive communication from school to parents and carers and we encourage our staff to do this wherever possible. Small notes in Record Books are efficient and effective methods of informing home of the positives their child has achieved and we urge parents and carers to monitor their planners on a regular basis.

Exhibits of students’ work can be extremely motivating and let students know that we have taken notice of their achievement, are proud of it and will display it for other students, staff and visitors to see. Student panels in our Academy have identified good, regular marking as a reward in itself and we’re regularly monitoring and reviewing our formative assessment policies and procedures to ensure student work is being scrutinised and students have an opportunity to improve their work.

Pupils are polite and well mannered and engage positively with adults. 

(Ofsted, July 2018)