Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Family System

Educating young people is not just about providing students with the academic qualifications to succeed in the workplace.  They need social skills to enable them to interact and communicate with a cross-section of society: people from different ethnic and economic backgrounds and different age ranges.

As an Academy, it is our responsibility to prepare our students for the real world of business and this is reflected in our Family Year Group and House structures within Oasis Academy Coulsdon.  Friendships are formed without the more traditional 'age-barriers' found in so many schools.  Our Academy reflects real life and, just like real families, we will never give up on our students, we will nurture them and watch them grow into responsible, caring citizens.

Family Year Groups

When students join the Academy in Year 7 they will enter the Year 7 Family, led by one of our five Family Leaders: Mrs BuckinghamMr FalveyMrs HoltMs Ogundele, and Ms Kavanagh. Students will stay with their Family and Family Leader as the progress through the Academy, meaning that their Family Leader can build and strengthen relationships formed in their first year, and provide real continuity for each individual student's needs- especially in the crucial time of Year 11.

Students will also join a mentor group as they enter the Academy, they will stay with their group and their mentor for their five years at the Academy, which will again strengthen the care and support provided for each student.

As well as guiding and supporting students in through their journey at the Academy, Family Leaders will liaise with our feeder primary schools and ensure students in Years 5 and 6 are supported in the transition to secondary school.

As students continue their journey through the Academy, their Family Leader and Mentor will be there to support and celebrate them through some important milestones, such as the KS3 Graduation ceremony. Students will make their GCSE option choices at the end of Year 8 ready to begin their chosen courses at the start of Year 9. At the end of the academic year a graduation ceremony is held, inviting parents/carer and close family members to join us in these celebrations of students achievement and marking the next step they are about to embark upon.

House Structure 

Our House Structure encourages students to interact with peers of a different age, at the same time as fostering competition and rewards within the Academy. Students join one of four Houses when they join the Academy, the Heads of House are: Ms ClarkMr SavageMr Tapley, and Mr Wiltshire.

As part of a House, students will earn House points that contribute towards their personal and overall House totals. Students will also get the opportunity to gain House points by participating in House competitions throughout the year, including Sports Day. House points will contribute to each individual students rewards total and also to their House running total, with the winning House at the end of the academic year being awarded the Oasis Academy House Cup.


Owens House

Jesse Owens was an African American athlete who won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
and was credited for single handedly crushing Hitler's myth of Aryan supremacy. The Olympic committee
insisted that Hitler greet every medalist or none at all, Hitler opted for the latter and left the stadium.
Against all adversity this man triumphed in his field, forced to live off campus with other African American
athletes and even restricted to eating in black-only restaurants.
He received no scholarship so continued to work part time jobs to pay for schooling. After winning his 
gold medal for the long jump, he even credited his success to the German competitor he beat; for technical 
advice. A truly humble and inspirational figure. 

"Find the good. It's all around you. Find it, showcase it and you'll start believing in it."

Churchill House

As Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill rallied the British people during WWII, and led his country from
the brink of defeat to victory.
Winston Churchill's life was a trajectory of events leading to his stand against Adolph Hitler's threat to control
Europe. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, Churchill helped lead a successful allied strategy with
President Franklin D. Roosevelt and General Secretary Joseph Stalin during WWII to defeat the Axis powers
and craft post-war peace. After the breakdown of the alliance, he alerted the est to the expansionist threat of
Soviet Communism. 

"Success is the ability to go form one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

Keller House

Helen Keller was a blind and deaf author, political activist and lecturer who received critical acclaim for her
achievements throughout her career. In 1882 Helen fell ill from what was thought to be scarlet fever or
meningitis and was left both deaf and blind.
When Keller was 6 years old, she was assigned a partially sighted teacher who helped her learn how to communicate.
Keller went on to study at the Cambridge School for Young Ladies and in the autumn of 1900 entered Radcliffe
College becoming the first deaf-blind person to earn a BA degree. During her career Keller wrote a number of books,
was a member of the Socialist Party of Massachusetts, US, and spent years fundraising to improve life for blind and
deaf people. Her activism became a major factor in changing life for those with sensory loss. 

"Life is a succession of lesson which must be lived to be understood."

Einstein House

Albert Einstein was a German born scientist focusing in theoretical physics. His most famous discovery was the 
General Theory of Relativity which is one of the two pillars modern physics is based around. 
He is also known for his formula \(e=mc^2\) (dubbed the world's most famous equation).
Einstein published more than 300 scientific papers along with over 150 non-scientific works. He received the 
Nobel Prize in Physics for 'services to theoretical physics'. Einsteins intellectual achievements and originality
have made the word "Einstein" equal with "genius".

"A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new."