Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


We are proud of our students and want them to be proud to belong to our Academy.  Our Academy Uniform and Rules for Appearance are clear and simple and..... strictly enforced. 

The Academy uniform supplier is Hewitt's of Croydon. You can order and purchase items from Hewitt's in one of the following ways:

1)      Visit the store  at:

C. Hewitt and Son Ltd 
45-51 Church Street 


2)      Click on the link which will take you to the Hewitt's website where you will be able to order items online with either free click and collect or next day delivery.

If you have any queries please contact Hewitt's directly:

0208 680 4555 / 0208 688 1830

Opening Times: Monday - Saturday, 9.30am - 6pm

Academy Uniform and Rules for Appearance

Year 7 to Year 11

General Uniform

  • Black blazer with Academy badge
  • White shirt with top button
  • Academy tie (Green - Y7 & Y8, Blue - Y9 & Y10, Black - Y11)
  • Black formal shoes that can be polished
  • Black formal knee length skirt, black tailored trousers, or formal black knee length shorts
  • Black or white socks
  • Plain black or neutral tights (no patterns)
  • School bag (waterproof, large enough to hold both text and exercise books - no drawstring bags)

Optional items

  • Black V-neck jumper (with Academy logo or plain- no other logos/brands permitted) and black rain coat.
  • Plain navy blue, black, or white religious head coverings.

Sports Uniform

  • Navy PE polo shirt with Academy logo embroidered
  • Navy training shorts (cycling shorts are not acceptable)
  • White ankle or Navy football socks (depending on indoor or outdoor PE)
  • Trainers (we ask that black soles are avoided so as to avoid marking the sports hall floor)
  • Blazer- students must wear their normal blazer to school daily, including over the top of PE kit on PE days. This will be removed for PE lessons.

Optional items

  • Navy Academy games jersey or 1/4 zip top or plain navy sweatshirt with no alternative branding
  • Navy Academy tracksuit training bottoms or plain navy-blue tracksuit bottoms with no sports branding (leggings are not permitted)

Equipment List

Students entering the Academy are advised to have a strong bag appropriate for its purpose and expected to have the following equipment; some items are available from the Academy Shop in student reception.

  • Horizons iPad & charger– to be brought fully charged daily (issued once students join the Academy)
  • A strong bag appropriate for its purpose and large enough to fit an A4 notebook/pad in it

  • An unbreakable reusable 500ml water bottle

  • A clear pencil case (enabling staff to see contents clearly which will be useful for exams at a later date)

  • Pens – multiple black, blue, and green pens (spare pens should always be brought to school in case any run out during the day)

  • Plain and coloured pencils - felt tips are not advisable

  • Highlighter

  • Pencil sharpener

  • Protractor

  • Ruler

  • Rubber

  • Calculator

  • An A4 sketch book (not required is students are not taking Art at GCSE)

  • Reading book

From Year 8 all students will need a pocket dictionary for the modern foreign language they have chosen to study.

Rules concerning appearance

Rules concerning appearance

  1. No make up (including false eyelashes)
  2. No jewellery is to be worn (with the exception of a wrist watch not including smart/electronic watches). Clear acrylic studs are permitted, but we request they are not worn if not necessary
  3. Any items of jewellery will be confiscated and stored in the school safe until a parent can collect it
  4. Every article of uniform must be marked with the student’s name
  5. Each student must be responsible for his/her own clothing
  6. Clothing must not be left in school overnight
  7. Coats should be plain black or navy blue only
  8. Outdoor wear must not be worn inside the Academy building
  9. No hooded tops, bandanas, or durags are to be brought into or worn in the Academy
  10. Nail varnish and/or fake nails are not allowed
  11. Trainers may only be worn for P.E. and break time
  12. Headscarves should be plain blue or black.
  13. Hair must be appropriate for the Academy, presentable and safe. The following applies: a) Long hair should be tied back with a plain black, navy blue or green hair band for all practical subjects. b) Hair must not be dyed in anyway other than natural hair colours. Coloured streaks in hair is not permissible. c) Hair must not be shaved below a 2 grade. d) Tracks, tramlines, designs, Mohawks or steps are not allowed. e) Tracks or lines are not to be shaved into eyebrows.

Prohibited items

To ensure everyone’s safety in the Academy, certain items are not permitted:

  • Chewing gum (this causes huge damage to furniture and fittings and carries a risk of choking )
  • Glass bottles
  • Permanent marker pens
  • Aerosol cans including aerosol deodorant, and other types of body sprays and perfumes/aftershave (use of aerosols and sprays can induce asthma attacks if sprayed near sufferers. Please use roll-on if required)
  • iPods, MP3s and stereos (the Academy is not responsible for the loss of such items and is not insured against such loss)
  • Large amounts of money
  • Expensive items (such as PSPs or smart/electronic watches)
  • Cigarettes, matches, and lighters
  • Energy drinks– large bottles/large fruit juice and carbonated drinks
  • Large sharing bars/bags of sweets and chocolates
  • Any item which is potentially harmful to any member of the Academy community
  • Nuts

We appreciate that some parents wish their children to have mobile phones as a means of communication in an emergency. However, it is clear from local and national crime figures that the violent theft of mobile phones is a growing and serious threat to children’s safety. If your child brings a phone to the Academy, it must be either handed in at check in and collected and check out, or kept out of sight and switched off at all times.

Mobile phones used in the Academy or going off in lessons will be confiscated. All items confiscated must be collected by a parent/carer in accordance with our policy; they will not be returned to the student.

The Academy will take no responsibility for any of these items and, if they are lost or stolen, valuable teaching and learning time will not be sacrificed to recover them.