Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

How to Apply

Oasis Academy Coulsdon accepts students irrespective of faith or ability. Those with disabilities or special educational needs are also welcome.

All places at the Academy are free and available to the local community within an admissions policy that mirrors the admissions arrangements for schools in the Croydon Borough. This Academy offers six forms of entry (6FE) – it has spaces for 900 students 11-16.

All applications, for Year 7 entry as well as in-year admissions for Years 8-11, need to be submitted through Croydon Council. Click on the link to visit their website

If you require large  font size documents, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to have them sent to you.

Year 7 Admissions 2022

We are so pleased you are considering our Academy for your secondary education. It is a very important decision and we know that you will want to take time to look at all options carefully.

We believe that when you have considered all the information available on our website and spent some time with us on one (or all!) of our open events, you will decide that Oasis Academy Coulsdon is your number one choice.

Academic excellence is of course of paramount importance, but our students are required to develop other life skills. As part of their journey through the Academy, they will be expected to develop and demonstrate our key nine "Oasis Habits" which we believe will help students to become outstanding.

We are guided by our Values and Vision in everything we do and students quickly learn what it means to be part of our Oasis Family. Student success and happiness is our number one priority. We will guide, support, motivate and inspire them; as we prepare them for a life of limitless potential. Students here say that "teachers never give up on us" and we promise that we never will.

In the September your child begins Year 6 you should receive information from your local authority on how to apply for Year 7 places. The Academy coordinates all of it's in year admissions through the council and there is no requirement for you to complete a supplementary form. Applications for Year 7 should be submitted by the end of October each year to avoid being classified as a late applicant. National offer day for Year 7 places falls on 1st March each year, unless otherwise advised.

If you have any queries with regards to Admissions for Year 7 in September 2022, or for current in-year Admissions into all year groups, contact our Admissions Coordinator, Caroline Leeson  who will be delighted to help you.

In Year Admissions

To apply for an in year place (Years 8-11 or Year 7 after the September the year group transition to secondary school) you will need to make an application via Croydon Council’s  In-year Admissions Team, which you can find by clicking here. Once this has been submitted, the Council will then notify us of the application, usually within 7-10 working days. 

When we receive notification of your application, we will allocate you a place on our waiting list according to our Admissions Arrangements, which can be found on the tabs to the right of this page. If any students leave the year group you have applied for you will move up the waiting list. However, if other people apply and they live closer to the Academy, or fit the other over-subscription criteria, they will be filtered on to the list above your position as per our admission arrangements, thus pushing your place on the waiting list further down.

When your child is close to the top of the waiting list, we will invite you in for a tour, then a pre-admission meeting to give you a chance to get to know the Academy procedures and values, and following that if a place becomes available, we will contact you to offer a start date.

Year 7 O-Zone Admissions

The O-Zone is a unique and innovative provision within the Academy that enables ASD learners to access education in a mainstream environment. For more information on the O-Zone please click here. If you have any further queries about the O-Zone please contact our O-Zone coordinator, James Semple, who will be pleased to answer your queries.

Admission Arrangements Consultation

Oasis Community Learning invites you to take part in a consultation on the Admissions Arrangements 2023-2024 at Oasis Academy Coulsdon. The proposal is to add oversubscription criteria for exceptional social or medical circumstances.  There will be no change to the Academy’s PAN.

Oasis Academy Coulsdon is located on Homefield Road, Coulsdon, CR5 1ES.  The Academy’s current Published Admissions Number (PAN) is 180. To view the Academy’s Admissions Arrangements in full please visit

A hard copy of the Admissions Arrangements can be obtained by the Academy Office or you can download an electronic copy by clicking on the link below or to the right.

View our Draft Admissions Arrangements 2023-2024 

Oasis is committed to serving the local children and local community and will follow the Local Authority’s admissions policy, accepting pupils regardless of faith or ability.

We are keen to hear your views on this matter and the consultation period is running from Monday 29th November 2021 until Monday 10th January 2022.

Your views are important to us.  The response questionnaire aims to gather views on the proposal. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we would prefer for you to complete the online form by clicking the link below.

If you are unable to access the form or need any further information before responding please contact Caroline Leeson 01737 551161 opt2.

The online form will ask you for the following information:

  • Your name
  • If and how you are connected to Oasis Academy Coulsdon   (i.e. parent / local resident / staff member etc.)
  • Your view of the proposed Admission Arrangements
  • Any other comments you wish to share

Please complete the form by clicking here





View our Admissions Arrangements 2021/2022

View our Admission Arrangements 2022/2023

View our Draft Admission Arrangements 2023/2024

Want to come pay us a visit?

We always welcome visitors at our Academy. However, under current conditions with Covid-19 we regrettably are unable to accept visitors at this time unless it is at one of our pre-planned events.

Open Events

Open events for Year 7 admission September 2022 have now closed. The application deadline is Sunday 31st October. The Academy does not require any additional supplementary forms to be completed, all applications should be submitted through your local authorities process, this is usually online.

Open events for Year 7 entry September 2023 will be published later this academic year.

If you have any other admission related queries, please email