Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Oasis Academy Coulsdon

Message from the Principal, Catrin Green

I am extremely proud to lead Oasis Academy Coulsdon and am delighted you are considering our school for your child(ren). Our strong family ethos ensures that each child is treated as an individual, is cared for, and nurtured as they grow into young adults.  Sometimes this means we have to exercise ‘tough love’, to guide students in the right direction.  Students’ success and wellbeing is our number one priority.  In fact, students are happy to tell you that “staff never give up on us”. This is because when you join our Academy, you join our ‘Family’ and families stick together and support each other.

We are committed to achieving excellence through rigour, resilience and passion, and this is reflected in the quality of teaching and learning, attendance and punctuality, behaviour, attainment and achievement. We live our vision and values, are committed to inclusion and ensuring that all students achieve their full potential and challenging them to surpass and exceed expectations in their progress. In fact, we are proud to have won two awards in recent years for student progress.

As well as securing academic success, it is equally important to me to help students become exceptionally grounded young men and women, of whom we can all be proud.  We place a lot of emphasis on developing the essential character traits needed to be successful in life through the Oasis Habits.  Being part of the "Oasis Coulsdon Hub" offers a unique opportunity and experience where students can learn not only in the classroom environment but also in the wider community, developing skills that will stand them and society in good stead for the future.

We are proud to be the local school of choice for our community, offering an exceptional education experience for every student that attends; and we very much look forward to welcoming you and your children into our family.

"It's only the start and I already feel so welcomed, plus the staff are so kind." Year 7 Student

Watch our short video on why you should choose OAC...

Open Events 2023

We are pleased to welcome you to the Academy for our September and October open events for Year 7 entry September 2024.

All of our open events are by booking only. Visit the Open Events page of our website for the latest open event information and to book your space.

If you have any other admission related queries, please email

"there will never be a time where you feel like you don't fit in... the friendships made between year groups is just amazing" Year 9 Student

Virtually tour our Academy

“I would thoroughly recommend Oasis Academy Coulsdon to any prospective parent. Their family ethos creates a warm and caring environment and my daughter feels supported by both staff and students alike. As with any family they instil a sense of right and wrong and are swift to tackle issues should they arise. We receive regular communications from both class teachers and the family leader and it’s clear to me just how much they care about each and every child. The teachers at Oasis will do everything they can to help your child achieve their very best”.

Parent of a Year 8 student

Reasons why you should come visit us in the future:

If you are thinking about visiting us at one of our open events, here's why we think it's a great idea:

  • You will get the opportunity to see first hand what life at Coulsdon is like
  • You will be able to hear from our leaders and Principal
  • There will be a chance for you to meet with our staff and our amazing students
  • Any questions you may have can get answered directly by our staff
  • Your child can start to build a relationship with our Academy and picture their future here with us
  • We want to welcome you into our family and are delighted to meet you

If you have any queries please email Caroline Leeson.  


"I love working at Oasis. I strongly feel that all my colleagues care for the students and want the best for them. The quality of teaching is outstanding and we keep on learning from each other. The school is brilliantly led and we set up an example for other schools in the area. I am happy to be the part of this great school!" Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Key Information

I have had children at Oasis Academy Coulsdon since 2011 and can honestly say I have seen the school go from strength to strength. 

I chose Oasis when I had just moved to the area and was impressed by the smart, clean facilities and their overall ethos. 

The school is extremely well organised with a strong management team and structure. 

The staff are dedicated to the welfare of the children,  and their attitude reflects the family values they promote. 

There is a strong but fair discipline in the school and I like the fact there is a strict school uniform and no mobile phone policy, giving children firm boundaries and less screen time! 

For me the pandemic has further highlighted the strengths of the school; their strong and clear communication skills, their meticulous systems to be COVID secure and their outstanding, Herculean effort to still educate and emotionally support the children under almost impossible conditions.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Oasis, as for me during these uncertain times I have been able to send my child to school with peace of mind,  knowing that every aspect of her welfare is being considered.  

Parent of Year 11 Student

Information Videos

"Having recently started work at the Academy I have found the environment an overwhelmingly positive one. The school is about people. The values mean that there is a drive to best develop all outcomes for its students; not just academic but healthy, happy confident individuals. The Academy is a community where all individuals are valued and respected. It’s a privilege to watch the development of its students into well rounded young people equipped for a successful future and to make a positive impact in the world."

Teacher of Science

How to Apply

To join our family and be part of something special apply for a place at Oasis Academy Coulsdon today. Applications can be made via

 For information about the application process, over-subscription criteria, tie-break procedures, waiting list, appeals and more, please see our Admissions Arrangements.

 If you have any questions in the meantime, we’d be more than happy to answer them. You can contact us via T: 01737 551161 and E:


Hints & Tips for Applying for Secondary School

Use all your options on your application form.
Choose multiple schools and use all of your options.  You will not be allocated your choice because you have given no alternatives, you will be allocated a school which has places available within your Local Authority.

You can apply for out of borough school through your local authority.
To apply for a school out of your local authority you do not need to do anything special.  You can choose schools from other boroughs when you make your application with your e-admissions account.

Know if you need to submit a supplementary application form.
Make sure you know if a school you are applying to requests a supplementary form and remember to submit it.  Oasis Academy Coulsdon does not require supplementary application forms.

Schools will not know what order you listed them on your application form.
Schools will not know where you placed them on your preference list when they get their initial applicant list, so always put the school you want most as number one regardless of whether you think you are able to get a place there or not.

o   If you are allocated a lower preference school you will stay on your higher preference schools waiting lists.

o   If you are allocated your 1st preference you will be removed from all other waiting lists.

You will automatically go onto waiting lists for your higher preference schools if you don’t get on first round offers.
If you are not allocated a place at your preferred school you will be on the waiting list until the end of December for the year your child started secondary school (for example, if they started in September 2023, you will stay on the waiting list until December 2023).  There is movement on waiting lists right up until the start of the school year and into the first term.

Schools do not know their list of final offers until the same time as parents in March.
Between application submission at the end of October and offer day at the beginning of March, schools look at the criteria on their Admission Arrangements and additional evidence sent in to support applications. From this each school will then rank all applicants in order of the criteria as advertised and send the complete list to the Local Authorities; at this stage schools do not know the order of preference they were listed for each applicant. The Local Authorities will then work together to allocate all applications school places. Schools are then notified of their allocated list for their next cohort intake at the same time parents are notified of their application outcome. Unfortunately, it is not possible to allocate every applicant their preference of school.