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Key Stage 3

All students follow a range of subjects based on the National Curriculum.  The curriculum is personalised with thematic learning incorporated into all subjects to develop key skills and concepts that students need for Key Stage 4, 5 and life beyond. 

Students start Key Stage 4 from September of Year 9.This enables students to study a complete range of courses accessing a broad and deep learning experience that will give them the best possible chance to achieve their potential. Subject Leaders and Family Mentors guide students through the options process and, in consultation with parents and carers, ensure that each student follows a curriculum , designed to maximise their success at GCSE.  Teachers use their professional judgement, based on assessment and monitoring data to enter students for public examinations when they are ready. 

Generic Skills

During Key Stage 3 students will develop their understanding and abilities in 9 generic skills, these include researching, taking risks and planning. Different subject areas are responsible for developing different skills and each term these are reported on by subject teachers for parents and carers. Students will learn how to self-assess themselves in each of the 9 skills using specific level ladders. They will then be given opportunities to develop and improve their skills during lessons by engaging in relevant activities and learning experiences in the classroom. This focus on skills is designed to prepare students  for Key Stage 4 and beyond.

Life Skills

Another exciting development is the focus that we have across the Academy on the same important life skills. Students will be encouraged to develop six particular skills to help their learning and prepare them for Key Stage 4 study.  The skills include verbal presentation, evaluation, research and planning.

Literacy & Numeracy

Finally there is a whole school literacy and numeracy focus. In literacy students will be focusing on punctuation and capital letters, whilst mental arithmetic will be the numeracy focus across all lessons.

All staff develop these skills with the students using similar language and approaches to maximise the students' development, understanding and confidence in these important areas. The students self assess in each of the skills in mentor time and then set goals on how to improve, with opportunities for reflection and idea sharing throughout.

This enables students, parents, carers and staff become more in tune with the learning that takes place across the Academy during year 7 and 8. By developing the curriculum in this way we are confident that our students will enjoy their learning even more,  understand its relevance and in turn make even more rapid progress. The experiences and feedback from next half term will be used to ensure that we successfully develop an exciting and logical Key Stage 3 curriculum that enables our students to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that they need to be successful throughout their journey at the Academy and beyond.

The Academy has devised a suggested reading list of fictional books that we would encourage students to read in KS3. Please click here to read the list. 

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