Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Key Stage 3 & 4 Offer

Key Stage 3

Foundation of Knowledge

During Key Stage 3, students will be exposed to challenging topics and texts to really stretch their capacity to learn.  Our knowledge-rich curricula will provide students with the fundamental building blocks of knowledge via vocabulary.  Our approach to vocabulary is centred around the concept that words are indeed the gateway to thinking and each subject derives their own, subject specific, specialist words whilst also providing students with the intertwined depth of knowledge via the more general and versatile vocabulary, which can be used across all of their studies.     


(Personal, Social, Health, Economic)

If we are to create conscientious and productive members of society, we must also help their spiritual and moral growth. Students follow a PSHE unit during mentoring time as well as in their timetabled PSHE lesson each week. The same, socially fundamental topics are also intertwined within their academic studies.

Literacy & Numeracy

Finally, to fully ensure we are preparing students for the rigour of later life and the accompanying aspects of functional literacy and numeracy, there is a whole school focus in these areas across also subjects with further supplementation in mentor time. In literacy, students will be focusing on exposure to challenging non-fiction texts linked to their PSHE programme.  Here they will understand the grammatical constructions of a text whilst also working to understand the more subtle and perceptive messages within.  There will also be a school-wide focus on numeracy and the necessity of arithmetic in society and this will also be supplemented, via our numeracy ninjas programme, within mentor time.

Our overall intent of the KS3 curriculum is to enable students with a broad and deep foundation of knowledge they can call upon in their later studies and life. By developing the curriculum in this way we are confident that our students will enjoy their learning even more, understand its relevance and in turn make even more rapid progress. 

The Academy has devised a suggested reading list of fictional books that we would encourage students to read in KS3. Please click here to read the list. 


Key Stage 4

A full complement of GCSEs is supplemented with vocational training and a continued PSHE programme with a focus on college applications and careers. Our timetable allows students to select two option choices at GCSE in addition to core subjects, a humanities subject, and a language. This enables students to nurture and explore their creativity and passions in their studies without compromise. We place a high value on the arts and celebrating the strengths of all of our students as individuals. This benefits the students in the long term as they are not only exposed to the breadth of an extra subject within a detailed depth of a GCSE specification.  Said breadth is exemplified by our English Baccalaureate entry rate, which is a full 20% higher than the national average.  The curriculum is designed to cater for all abilities and we are able to offer flexibility within the timetable to provide many pathways to success.

Download a copy of our latest Options Booklet and find out more about how the Academy offers guided choices to ensure our students follow the right path to success.

Please click here to see the suggested personal reading list for KS4.

Our GCSE Information Booklet is an essential guide for students, parents and carers on subjects, course content, exam boards and assessment dates and recommended websites for extended study.

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