Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transforming Learning

We hope that you find the following information useful, however if you have any queries please contact Mr van Gelder for Year 11 and 10, Mr Pelling for Year 9, Mrs Dooley for Year 8, and Mr Hodges for Year 7.

Knowledge Rich Curriculum

"The best of what has been thought and said"

Innovative approaches to teaching and learning

Our approach to teaching at Oasis Academy Coulsdon is underpinned by our five values: love, politeness, determination, family and excellence.  The gifts and talents of our students are celebrated so that we nurture confident, creative and independent learners who have a solid grounding in the rigour of knowledge-based curricula.  All Oasis Academies offer opportunities for extended learning and independent learning beyond the normal Academy day.  In short, we aim to provide our students with the necessary breadth and depth of education to foster inquisitive, passionate and life-long learners who have the tools to access the world of education and beyond.


At Oasis Coulsdon, curriculum construction goes through three rigorous stages:


During the ambition stage, our subject leaders work in consultation with other subject leaders across the Oasis trust to ensure our curriculum offer is challenging, knowledge-based and prepares our students for their educational journey and beyond.  Much like our ambition and hopes for our students, the intent stage should be highly aspirational and should expose our students to, “the best of what has been thought and said”.


The delivery is the excitement and passion of our teaching and how our curriculum is conveyed from our expert teachers to our students. As we offer a knowledge-based curriculum, our curriculum and teaching is centred around our knowledge organisers in conjunction with our stretching and detailed vocabulary lists. We also employ multimedia tools to exemplify and model for our students to ensure their educational needs are catered for.  Our approach to pedagogy is research based and therefore current.  We continually monitor and analyse the educational needs of each student, which leads to raised aspirations and increased achievement.


Finally, the impact is what we need to impart on our students and then measure.  We, as professionals, must provide our students with the best duty of care and that comes in multiple forms.  Firstly, we must aim to create well-rounded, intellectual and passionate young people via the necessary breadth and depth of learning during their five year journey.  Secondly, we must provide them with the appropriate qualifications to access the next stages of their lives.


All students follow a range of subjects based on, but not restricted by, the National Curriculum.  The curriculum is personalised with thematic learning incorporated into all subjects to develop key skills and concepts that students need for Key Stage 4, 5 and life beyond. 

Students start Key Stage 4 from September of Year 10 and this enables students to study a complete range of courses accessing a broad and deep learning experience that will give them the best possible chance to achieve their potential. Subject Leaders and Family Leaders guide students through the options process and, in consultation with parents and carers, ensure that each student follows a curriculum, designed to maximise their success at GCSE whilst simultaneously providing them with the necessary breadth to create ‘cultural omnivores’.  Teachers use their professional judgement, based on assessment and monitoring data, to enter students for public examinations when they are ready. 

Curriculum Statement of Intent