Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Working from Home

The information shared on this page is designed to support parents and students to understand the remote learning offer at our academy if and when it is necessary to implement it. What is expected of the academy, what is expected of the students, and how it all works. More in-depth detail has been provided to parents throughout the year through letters home and news updates, however, this page serves as a reminder of key points.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with us at

Remote Learning Overview

Accessing Learning From Home

Below are the checklists which should be followed by students to support their online remote learning.

Summer Term 2 Checklists 2021

Autumn Term 1 Checklists

Autumn Term 2 Checkilsts

Thank you to the kind works of support and gratitude from our parents, some of which we have shared on this page:

“Staff are doing an amazing job under difficult circumstances”

Staff show students “support and for make the children feel listened to”

Staff are “very helpful, calm and positive”

Staff are “excellent in their presentation on online lessons. I’ve really enjoyed them”

“Thank you to all Year 8 teachers who are working so hard to teach remotely”

“Thank you for all your hard work it’s very much appreciated”

“Thank you to all teachers and staff, for there efforts in these difficult times.”

Staff have “made my son feel confident going into school at this time… I think you are all doing an amazing job juggling everything and keeping the learning going in these trying times.  Well done everyone at Oasis”

“Thank you to all the staff for all the hard work you have done to make sure children have received online lessons”

“Thank you for all your hard work!”

“What we are all going through is hard. However, thanks a lot to all teachers for the effort to ensure that our children are not missing anything”

Students say teachers "actually listen to you and let you ask questions"

“Thank you to all the teachers for their dedication, hard work and commitment to supporting the students through this challenging time.”

“I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff; I appreciate it must be so tough teaching online and managing everything. And finally, thank you so much for the iPads!”

“We are very grateful for the iPads that have been provided by the school”

“You’re all doing a brilliant job at this very difficult time”

“We thank you all very much for wonderful work, for the iPads, and for helping our child”

“I would like to say thank you to all the staff they do an amazing job. I totally underestimated how hard it is to teach.”

“The staffs efforts are greatly appreciated and efforts are amazing in this difficult time”

“YOU ARE ALL MARVELOUS! THANK YOU! We know that there is a lot of hard work that is done behind the scenes”

“I think the staff are doing a great job in very difficult circumstances.”

“I am very grateful to all of the teachers and support staff for the enormous effort that has gone into keeping school going. It must be so challenging with little or no notice when things are being changed.”

“Thanks to all staff, we really appreciate the effort you guys go to to keep the children learning and as impact free as possible from Covid.”

“We appreciate all the hard work that has gone into remote learning, especially the live lessons which help keep routine.”

“I think every member of staff from Reception staff through to Teachers and Head Teachers are doing an amazing job.”

“Mentors are going to great efforts kick starting the day with engaging chat and quizzes. Teachers are doing a great job and effort making online learning as interactive and engaging add they can in these really challenging times. Thank you!”

“Thank you to all the hardworking staff at the Academy”

“I think you are all doing a wonderful job, it must be so hard and it is all working so well!”

“Thank you to all the staff for all your hard work.”

“Many thanks to everyone at the Academy for ensuring the children’s continued education is a top priority!”

“Thank you to each and everyone of you working so incredibly hard for our children”

“Many thanks for all your efforts and hard work in such difficult and challenging times. Oasis has certainly been ahead of the game compared to other schools. Amazing job. Well done”

“I would like to thank all of the staff for going above and beyond for all our children at this difficult time.”

“Thank you all for making the effort of providing a full timetable.  Makes our lives a lot easier”

“I would like to thank all the team personally for all the hard work which they being doing every day even I can feel that they work during the weekend to make sure everything is always under control . Many many thanks to all of you.”

“My son is in the academy and I am extremely grateful to have this facility available. All staff have been supportive and available to help when they can. It has given him a sense of normality, which is brilliant.  Thank you”

“I would like to thank all the hardworking teachers and staff at the Academy”

“I am extremely grateful for all the hard work of all the staff. These are difficult times and they do go the extra mile for the children.”

“Thank you all for your great effort and consistency during this difficult time. The lessons have been very effective.”

“Thank you so much to each and everyone of you at the Academy from teaching staff, catering to cleaners - you are all amazing and we appreciate all you have done to allow our children to continue learning.”

“A huge thank you to all staff making the remote learning possible.”

“Doing a brilliant job in an impossible situation- a big thank you to all staff!”

“Would like to thank all the teachers and staff for working so hard to keep the children engaged in very difficult circumstances. Also the leadership for dealing with the constant changes they have been faced with.”

“Thank you to all the staff working in this tough time. Really appreciate all the hard work.”

“Thanks to all the staff, and of course all of the support staff and management for the hard work you are putting it, we both understand how much effort goes into the preparation and also trying to keep all the kids and parents happy”

“I think the school has been brilliant throughout lockdown, well done Oasis teachers”

“Big thanks to all the staff of Academy for the continuing great job they are doing. I wish you all the best and hope we’ll be back to normality as soon as possible.”

“Thank you so much for all your hard work to ensure that the children don’t miss out on learning.”

“You are all doing amazing! It just be so hard for you but your efforts are much appreciated!”

“I think the quality of the lessons have been really good. Having been supporting a child I have found the teachers to be supportive and engaging and would like to thank all of them.”

“All the staff have been amazing.”

“Thank you so much for your hard work!”

“The staff have been amazing and very supportive”

“A massive thankyou to all staff for excellent dedication and support to students”

“The teachers have been very helpful, gave an iPad so the remote learning was easier for everybody in the household, always in touch with us as to what is going on.”

“Thank you to all the staff helping the kids to carry on learning”

“We think as a school you are all doing an amazing job. Well done! We all know how difficult the last few terms have been and you have definitely risen to the challenge!”

“Thank you to all staff for providing online lessons - I’m sure this is not easy and is not how teachers want to teach”

“Many thanks to all the teachers and admin staff. We really think u are amazing. My daughter loves the school iPad. Thanks SO much!”

“Great job and dedication for what is happening at this time of uncertainty. You are all superstars.”

“The lessons are engaging and staff are doing an amazing job”

“We want to thank everyone trying their best to support our kids. Thanks a lot for everything you are doing”

“Thanks a lot to all the staff for everything you are doing for our kids. It is much appreciated”

“Huge thank you to the teachers for doing so well under the circumstances, you have been amazing.. It can't be easy knowing you're not only teaching children but their parents are around learning too 😊 It's lovely to know how well our kids are looked after, taught & their wellbeing is considered... We are very grateful to you all & so happy with the school & how they have managed everything.”

“Huge thanks for everyone’s hard work in getting the online timetable up & running, and for the provision of home schooling.”

“Keep up the good work!”

“Thank you to all the staff for carrying on with lessons and giving structure to the day”