Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Why Work with Us

Join us on our journey delivering exceptional education at the heart of the community

Staff at  Oasis Academy Coulsdon 'do whatever it takes'. We are lead learners and have the highest expectations of everyone, every time. We will fulfil our promise to students, parents and the community to be outstanding. Want to join us? 

Why work for Oasis Academy Coulsdon

Finding a new job is much like finding a new partner in life, both parties need to be sure their interests, values and personalities align. At Oasis Academy Coulsdon we are always looking to take on talented and impassioned individuals who align with our values of aspiration, achievement, care and resilience. We want our staff and students to thrive in an atmosphere that harbours learning and living in harmony.

We pride ourselves on the work we do to motivate both staff and students alike. Through building strong relationships, between staff and students and across the Oasis family, our aim is always to enable people to flourish and grow their skills. Whether you are a Senior Leader, a Teacher or Support staff we care about your career and want to help you feel valued and supported in your job.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider working for Oasis Academy Coulsdon:

  • We offer a strong Continuous Professional Development programme - if we see potential in your future, we want to help you grow with the Academy and develop yourself in the direction you aspire to go
  • We are supportive of our staff and want you to feel like you are coming to work with family
  • There are opportunities to learn from and network across the Oasis trust
  • We are a Good school with Outstanding Features and a promising future ahead of us
  • Support staff are offered a generous annual leave allowance and a competitive pension, with defined benefits and life cover
  • We have good transport links around us

Here is what Ofsted have to say about us...

  • Oasis Academy Coulsdon is a 'good' school and "is providing its students with a good quality of education. The school's capacity for sustained improvement is 'good'.
  • "Staff are overwhelmingly supportive of your leadership and are proud to be members of the school community"
  • "Pupils are polite and well-mannered and engage positively with adults"
  • Students "particularly enjoy the 'family' atmosphere of the school and feel well supported and cared for"
  • Students "particularly enjoy the 'family' atmosphere of the school and feel well supported and cared for"
  • Staff "feel that their development as teachers is seen as important"
  • "You expect classroom teachers to set high levels of challenge in lessons"


Would you or someone you know be interested in working or volunteering at Oasis Academy Coulsdon? If so, we would love to hear from you!